Value to You

Why This Project is of Value to You and Your Business

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As the online social network phenomenon gives rise to the formation of a new and powerful marketing medium, it is important for business leaders to understand the implications of social networks on market segmentation strategies.
The value of this cutting edge study is to provide a current perspective on why, how and to what effect marketing organisations and professionals are in practice, applying segmentation strategies for engaging with consumers as a consequence of social media networks.

Business leaders from both B2C and B2B sectors will be able to effectively apply the findings and recommendations from this research to form the basis of their online segmentation strategies.

Also: Software Analytics Service Providers 
Social media monitoring and analytics software systems vendors and services providers will be able to gain an impartial and objective perspective as to how organisations are modifying their segmentation strategies and therefore what they need from analytical tools.

What will the research be used for?

  • It will be published in a leading academic journal/s (global) around digital marketing, strategic marketing etc.
  • The paper will available to all academic students world-wide helping them with their research. Practitioners will have access to the research paper via the journals.
  • Those participating will have a copy of the paper to use it for their own  purposes. It is intended that the paper's recommendations be used by major organisations to formulate informed social commerce strategies.
  • The findings will used to present at major conferences and seminars in the area of digital marketing and or social commerce.
  • The research will be used for teaching international Executive MBA students.