To Participate

All we require from you is one hour of  your time for an interview at a time and place to suite you.

Please contact Paul Fennemore 
M: 0777 5823386
T: 0845 319707

The interviewers, Paul Fennemore and or Ana Canhoto, will ask you a series of pre-prepared questions about how you are using social media networks for marketing and communications purposes. How you are using existing marketing segmentation practices and how you are adapting these or employing new segmentation techniques in the sphere of social media networks.

Many participants find these interviews a good use of their time as it serves to help them reflect upon how they are going about this area of their business. And of course they benefit from the paper's  findings and recommendations . You also get the satisfaction of contributing to your discipline.

We hope to interview professionals with the following roles or similar:
  • Marketing and Communications Directors
  • Brand Managers
  • Customer Service Directors
  • Product Management Directors
  • PR Directors
  • Online Community Managers
  • or other similar roles where you are involved in marketing and communications at a strategic level

We would of course hope to interview organisations who are already starting to use social media networks.

Confidential & Anonymous

All interviews will be conducted in the strictest confidence and anonymously.  Please click here to find out more about the University's Research Code.


Interviewees will be conducted during the course of  September and October 2001. The research is scheduled to be completed in November 2011.

To find out more and or agree to an interview please contact Paul Fennemore:

Please contact Paul Fennemore 
M: 0777 5823386
T: 0845 319707