Interview Questions

We now have 28 major corporations who wish to contribute from this study and in turn benefit from it. We need more however. These organisations include retail and business banks, airlines, top global commercial social network sites, social network monitoring system vendors and service providers, broadcasting firms, mobile network operators and utility companies. The people who have agreed to be interviewed are in senior executive positions and at the top of their field.

Some people are asking about the kind of questions we will be asking.

The questions we will raise will be along the lines of, for example:
  • How important is market segmentation to your marketing and  or customer relationship management strategy?
  • What segmentation strategies do you use today, off-line and on-line?
  • How are you using social media networks for marketing and consumer engagement?
  • Are you, and if so how, are you formulating social media user segments and what are these segments?
  • If you run social media initiatives/marketing campaigns do you target them at particular market segments?
  • What systems/technologies do you use to monitor and analyse consumer activity, brand reputation etc and do you use these tools to help further define market segments?
  • Do you combine consumer data gathered from social networks with the data in your CRM system and if so waht are you able to achieve?

Please feel free to suggest questions that you would like to know the answers to by contact