This paper is now completed. And although I say it myself, the study delivers some valuable insights and offers up some very practical recommendations all grounded on objective research.

I have prepared a 45 min presentation covering the study's findings and recommendations. If you would like me to deliver this presentation to your team prior to the publication of the paper, I will very pleased to do so. Providing of course you were one of the 28 participating firms. Contact details below. 

A cutting edge research project exploring how social media is challenging market segmentation strategies.

Why has online audience engagement dropped by 19% in H1 2011 in the UK?

Are corporations relying on 'social media serendipity'?

Preliminary research has found that segmentation is a massive challenge for companies who are getting to grips with social commerce.

You already know segmentation is the cornerstone of your marketing strategy impacting......

  • Market share
  • Making or breaking the launch of a new product or service
  • Maximising your R&D investments
  • Building differentiation 
  • Pricing models 
  • Customer responsiveness 
  • Advocacy development
and so on……………………..

Are social media networks making traditional demographic and even psychographic segmentation strategies redundant? 

We are seeing changes. Scholars and practitioners have started to introduce new practices such as Webographics, Technographics, Social Netnographics, Hybrid Segmentation, Social CRM and Social Media Participation Levels, to name a few. Maybe, segmentation is turning on its head as consumers increasingly have control over brands rather than the other way around?

Do these new techniques indicate that traditional practices are not  so useful? Perhaps categorising consumers into groups is becoming less effective. Maybe there is enough data to segment at an individual level.  After all you can now determine the age, sex and other psychological characteristics simply from how a  visitor  uses their mouse over your website!  

You can also measure a nations 'mood' using a Twitter 'Mood Map'. Is mood a new market segment?  Click here for more info on mood maps.

There is a lot of hype about engaging at an individual level, but is this really practical and cost effective? See the engagement continuum concept.

Research Project Objectives

The objectives of this cutting edge study are three fold: 

1. To ascertain a) why and b) how B2B and B2C companies are extending the use of extant off and on-line market segmentation theories and practices as a result of online social networks?

2. To determine a) how and b) to what effect organisations are employing emerging social networks specific market segmentation strategies or if segmentation is not relevant in social media networks?

 3. To provide recommendations, based on grounded objective research, as to how best adopt social media segmentation strategies.
    Value To You

    By participating in this study you will get free access to its findings, helping your business rise to the new and critical challenges of social commerce and specifically, market segmentation.

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