About Viapoint

Social Media Services

 1. Maximise the potential of social commerce

 2. Handle the complexities and reduce the overheads of managing your social commerce operations.

    Viapoint provides four social media services aimed at helping apply the best strategies and to remove the complexities and overheads of running your social media operations:

    Planning it - Social Commerce Marketing and Communications Consulting
    It all starts with a clear strategy. ViaPoint helps you formulate and implement the most effective social commerce strategy and helps you implement it.

    Making it happen - Social Commerce Operations Services
    Skilled and experienced social  commerce professionals are scarce. ViaPoint resolves this issue by handling most aspects of your social media operations from community building, engagement, moderation and monitoring, socialising your website, building a dedicated fully social web site/portal and social media content search engine marketing.

    Doing it well - Social Commerce Training & Workshops
    Before being able to fully adopt social commerce, it is important for all involved to have  good grasp of what social media is and how best to use it. ViaPoint provides a range of training courses and management workshops to get you up to speed with best practices.

    Connecting your People – Social Commerce Collaboration Services
    Social media is effective in helping knowledge workers improve their individual and collective performance and communicate externally. ViaPoint provides services from social enterprise strategy formulation to systems implementation and hosting.

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    1. Where does your business need to be on the Social Commerce Engagement Continuum?
    2. What is the most cost effective position for your company?  

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